Yorke Peninsula Writers Group

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Lollapaloosa by H.J.H-Joyce Humphry's







Lollapaloosa, what does it mean

It's not in the dictionary, no where to be seen,

So, we'll  take it apart and see what we get,

An Apaloosa is a horse, a really great pet.


Loll is to recline, or perhaps to lean,

Even to droop, like a ripening bean,

A Pal is a friend to share everything,

Who makes our lives with laughter ring.


Lap is what animals do to drink,

Down it goes as quick as a wink,

Or it can be a place for grandchildren to sit,

To tell them a story, it's quite a hit.


"Loosa," is how Italians pronounce,

our word loose, the "A" does a bounce,

We smile a little and enjoy their accent,

But that doesn't help, the words still bent.


S.A. is for our state, so what can one say,

Lollapaloosa's a puzzle in every way,

So tell us please what is it's meaning,

As taking it apart didn't give us a gleaning. 



   Joyce Humphry's

Port Broughton