Yorke Peninsula Writers Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Completed work-Previous work, can I share my it?

The group like to hear what others are doing or have done outside the group. If its short ask if you can read it out. If it is long give  us a general run down and someone could take it home to read.

Computer- Computer, I have one but can anyone help me?

Within the YP Writers Group there are members with varying levels of experience who can recommend a suitable person.

               Computer, do I need to have one ?

No. When it comes time to publish it is preferable to have work in ‘computer’ form, but you can ask someone from the Yorke Peninsula Writers Group who has one to help.

               Program, what do I use?

You can use either ‘word’ or ‘note pad’ to submit your work, or by hand.

               Margins, what do I set?

To see what your work looks like, set your margins at 1.5cm top and bottom and 2cm for the sides, no gutter. A5.

               Font, what font do I use?

 We usually use Times New Roman size 12.


Current Project- What is the group working on?

A book where each chapter is written by a different member.  The minimum length is 1000 words the maximum is 3000 words.

               Submitting work for Project– please submit your work by e-mail in ‘notepad’ form, or via a disk, or flash stick.


 Editing- What are the layout requirements?

Make sure it is double spaced (a line  free between each written line) and a wide border, so comments and/alterations can be inserted.

               Do I bring one copy for editing?

The Writers Group asks for six copies of the work being submitted for one of our books. This is so you get more than one opinion of alterations. Sometimes the group will all edit your work at the same time so copies are shared, otherwise different people will take them home. Returning them later.

NOTE: It is understood that all editing can be ignored by the writer as it is their work.

Alterations are suggestions– we aren’t professional editors!!

Hand writing- Handwritten work, is it acceptable ?

Yes. There are a number of our members who prefer to write by hand.


Home Work- Meetings, Can I submit my work homework without attending Writers Group sessions ?

Yes. You can give it to any Yorke Peninsula Writers Group member you know to read out, or send post it to the Secretary or send to the groups email.

Membership- How much is the YP Writers Group membership?

Membership is currently $15, this is reviewed at the AGM in March.

               What are member requirements? Our constitution states ‘Any persons who has a practical or appreciative interest in writing and associated arts may become members of the Group’.

We are a friendly group so if there are any other questions please ask!